Selecting the right Attorney for your case is a very important decision to make. The right Attorney can make all the difference in your experience with your attorney, proceedings, and of course most importantly, the outcome of your situation. Please consider the following questions when interviewing your potential attorney:

  1. What is your experience in this field?
  2. Have you handled matters like mine?
  3. What relationships do you have with the courts pertaining to my case?
  4. What are the possible outcomes of my case?
  5. Approximately how long will it take to resolve?
  6. What are your rates and how often will you bill me?
  7. What is a ballpark figure for the total bill, including fees and expenses?
  8. How will you keep me informed of progress?
  9. What kind of approach will you take to resolve the matter aggressive and unyielding, or will you be more inclined to reach a reasonable settlement?
  10. Will you be the attorney handling my case or will it be turned over to one of your associates?

Questions for Your Lawyer

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