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Larceny and theft crimes are extremely common in Manassas. The criminal justice system of Prince William County does not take theft crimes lightly, and many of the prosecutors push for jail time. Our Manassas criminal lawyers have significant experience handling both misdemeanor theft and felony theft crimes. We can walk you through the legal process for larceny and explain exactly how your case will be handled. If you are facing theft charges in Manassas, contact our office right away for your free consultation: (703) 542-1803.

If you have been charged with misdemeanor larceny, felony or grand larceny, credit card fraud, credit card theft, embezzlement, false pretenses, forgery, or uttering, you are facing charges that are considered a type of theft. Every kind of theft charge is serious, not just because of the possibility of prison or jail, but because even the most “minor” type of theft crime may cause you to lose your job, your security clearance, or your immigration status. Whether you are charged with felony larceny or misdemeanor shoplifting, work with a Manassas theft attorney and protect your future.

Manassas Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Theft in Virginia

Theft refers to a group of crimes that all involve taking, or attempting to take, property that does not belong to you. Stealing may be from a store, a bank, or an employer. Theft crimes may involve property or money. Larceny may involve financial documents such as checks or credit cards, or even just the numbers printed on them. Theft is different from other kinds of crimes in terms of the way the prosecution tries to prove it and the way police go about investigating. This also means that there are special defenses and defense tactics which are used in these types of criminal cases.

Why Work With A Manassas Defense Attorney For Your Theft Charge

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor theft charge, felony theft charge, or if you are just under investigation for theft, you need to speak with a criminal attorney. Many cases are made or broken during the investigation because people make the mistake of speaking to the police or consenting to a search. By working with an attorney, you can avoid these traps.

An attorney will also walk you through legal proceedings which are often complicated. The right Manassas criminal lawyer for theft crimes will make sure you have the help you need to make informed decisions regarding your case and defense strategy. Your criminal defense attorney should fight for your rights, including your constitutional rights, and hold the police and the government accountable for what they did during the investigation, arrest, and/or search.

Our criminal lawyers have been defending juveniles and adults in Prince William County for several years. Our attorneys use insider knowledge of the local prosecutors, judges, and other key players when lining up the defense tactics specific to your unique larceny case. Choosing the best Virginia criminal defense attorney for your case may be intimidating and time-consuming. Contact our skilled Manassas lawyers for theft crimes today: (703) 542-1803.

Virginia Criminal Lawyer Explains Common Types of Theft Crimes in Manassas

The most commonly charged theft crimes are larceny (including shoplifting), grand larceny, and unauthorized or stolen credit card use. Many of these crimes include credit card theft, credit card fraud, forgery, false pretenses, and uttering.  The more money or value is involved, and the more instances it is alleged to have occurred, the more serious the charges will be. Petit larceny, for example, involves either money in the amount of less than $200 or an item valued at under $200. Grand larceny, however, is when the dollar amount or item is worth $200 or more. Other types of theft or theft-related crimes include embezzlement, burglary, and breaking and entering.

Many of these charges result in active jail or prison time, even on a first offense. All of them create a criminal record which has the potential to alter your life. This is why working with a criminal defense lawyer with experience in theft crimes is essential to securing the best possible outcome. If you have been charged with petit larceny, grand larceny, shoplifting or any other theft crime in Manassas, our criminal lawyers are ready to discuss your case free of charge.

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Things To Know If You Are Confronted By The Police After Committing Larceny

If you find yourself confronted by law enforcement or even just a loss prevention officer at a store, the most important thing you can do is remain silent. The 5th Amendment says you have the right to remain silent. Not speaking is the smartest thing you can do. Police try to make their job easier by getting people to talk, often acting like they are a trusted friend or promising things will “go easier.” The ONLY thing that happens when you talk to the police is that statements are made which can be used against you in court. Even innocent statements can be used in ways you would not expect. If the police have enough evidence to charge you, they are going to charge you with a theft crime whether you talk to them or not.

Equally important is not consenting to any searches. If the police have probable cause to search, or have a warrant in hand, they have the right to search. Do not interfere with a lawful search but make it clear that you do not consent to the search. Some searches, even ones made with a warrant, are later found by a court to be illegal. However, that illegality goes away if you consent to the search. Do not give up up what might be your best defense by agreeing to a search of any kind. No matter the type of theft crime, you will need a top criminal defense attorney if you want the best chance of having your charge dismissed or reduced. Our criminal attorneys for theft crimes are standing by to discuss your case for free. Contact us today: 703) 542-4008