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Misdemeanor assault and felony assault charges are taken very seriously in Virginia. People often believe that assault & battery is the technical name of the charge, but it may be broken down into three distinct charges: assault, battery, and assault & battery. Assault, battery, and assault and battery are all defined under VA Code 18.2-57. These charges are class 1 misdemeanors in Virginia. Our Manassas attorneys for assault charges have successfully defended adults and juveniles facing a variety of misdemeanor assault and felony assault charges throughout Virginia. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a simple assault charge will be dismissed with the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Contact our office right away to discuss your case free of charge: (703) 542-1803.

A misdemeanor assault charge in Virginia can be defined in two ways. First, assault may be defined as an explicit act intended to inflict physical pain on someone. For example, throwing a chair or knife at someone with the intention of striking that person would be categorized as assault. Moreover, running at someone with a weapon while yelling that you are going to inflict harm is also assault. This is seen as attempted battery, which is assault. Secondly, simply threatening someone in Virginia is categorized as a misdemeanor assault. If you threaten a person and cause that person to feel fearful, you may be charged with assault. A misdemeanor assault charge in Virginia is not to be taken lightly. Many individuals feel as though they do not necessarily need an attorney for a simple assault charge, but do not make that mistake. Consulting with a criminal lawyer who focuses in assault is always in your best interest.

If you have been charged with battery or assault & battery in Virginia, the crime involves the actual physical contact made with the victim. For example, punching or hitting someone would be defined as battery in Virginia. Physical contact must be made in order for the battery charge to occur. The more egregious the battery, the more serious the crime. Battery may be a misdemeanor or a felony charge in Virginia. Typically, the assault & battery charge is filed rather than battery alone. No matter how simple or complex the incident was, you will need an experienced criminal lawyer for assault charges to explain the potential consequences of an assault conviction, what you may expect in court, and how to plan the most strategic defense for you.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Prince William County, Virginia

Domestic assault, domestic violence, and domestic assault and battery in Virginia are all defined under VA Code 18.2-57.2 as class 1 misdemeanors. They are synonymous, and you will be facing the same penalties if convicted of domestic violence or domestic assault in Virginia. The severity of a domestic violence charge varies depending on physicality involved and if you have been previously convicted of a domestic assault charge. If you are facing a second domestic violence charge, the stakes are higher than a first offense domestic assault charge. The only way to know for certain what you are facing is to contact a Manassas criminal defense attorney who has experience fighting domestic violence charges.

Assault on Law Enforcement in Virginia

Assaulting a police officer in Virginia is one of the most serious felony assault and battery charges to be charged with. Often our criminal defense attorneys represent individuals who are charged with assault on a cop when the physical contact made was a simple nudge or even accidental. No matter the type of assault, if you make physical contact with a police officer in Virginia, your criminal lawyer will need to have several years of experience in order to properly build your defense. These assault cases are taken very seriously by the prosecution. Our criminal defense attorneys in Manassas understand that mistakes happen and that if you have been charged with assault on law enforcement, you may not have intentionally assaulted them. Contact our office right away to discuss your case for free and understand how our criminal lawyers will position you in the best possible way to beat this assault charge: (703) 542-1803.

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Malicious Wounding, Strangulation and Hate Crimes

You or a loved one may be facing an extremely serious felony charge, such as malicious wounding, aggravated malicious wounding, attempted malicious wounding, strangulation, or a hate or bias crime.  These charges used to be limited to the most serious cases where there were very significant injuries.  However, changes in the law now mean that almost any injury can count, and qualify, for this very tough charge, including what most people consider to be very minor injuries, like bruises and small cuts.

One thing that has not changed is that the prosecutor must prove what was going on in the defendant’s head when the injury happened.  Intent really matters, and it is often the critical part of the defense.  Many times these tough cases come down to a skilled attorney being able to go through all the evidence and argue based on all the facts about what really happened in a chaotic moment.  That experience, training, and powerful analysis and argument is what the attorneys at Robinson Law have used to successfully defend many clients over the years in difficult cases like those that involve serious injuries or high-stakes charges.

The penalties for these crimes can include a felony record and years of jail time.  Put your trust in Manassas criminal attorneys who have the experience and skill to fight for the best outcome possible.  Call for your free consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys today.  (703) 542-1803

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